Three Energies

There are three main energies that we use in our body language when we are with a horse.  These are pushing energy, blocking energy and drawing energy. The horses are well aware of this body language because it is their language and they are reading our body language from the moment they can see us.  Are you sending your horse correct messages?

The Horse-Human Herd

Horses determine who is to be the leader of the herd by who pushes whom the best.  The leader is then revered as the one who will always lead the herd to safety.  In the human-horse herd, it is vital for the human leader to communicate with appropriate body language so the horse can gain the trust it needs to feel safe.

The “No Go Zone”

The horse’s throat latch area is one of the most vulnerable. Give respect to this area when working around your horse. To get to the other side of your horse, walk on an arc around the front of his head. Do not duck under his throat latch area. Make it a “No Go Zone”. Your horse will love you for it!

It’s All In The Approach

Approaching a horse straight toward its head sends the message that a predator is approaching. This stresses the horse out. Try approaching your horse on an imaginary arc which extends from your belly button to his shoulder/withers. Your horse will love you for not getting in his face.