Three Energies Recapped

To recap, the three energies we utilize on the ground when working or just hanging out with our horses include:

1.    Pushing energy – This is established with our core aimed at various points on the horse, beginning at the shoulder and working toward the hind quarters of the horse, depending on what we are asking of him…forward and/or lateral movement.  Pushing energy is never directed at the front end of the horse (head/neck area).  Our body is erect, shoulders square and aligned with our hips and our intent is one of gentle confidence.

2.    Drawing energy – This energy is “front of horse” friendly energy.  It invites the horse to be relaxed and trusting, while you are in his head space.  You must be aware of your core position as well as your shoulders and hips.  Slightly fold off your core as described in tip 8/365 when you are facing the horse’s head. If done correctly, you can draw your horse to you and go for a walk with him with no “strings” attached!

3.    Blocking energy – Horses respect boundaries.  We can define boundaries of where not to go by blocking with our hand/arm at various parts of the horse’s body, depending on which boundary we need to establish.  Taking up the slack in the lead rope so that consistent contact is established will enable us to block the horse’s head from going where we do not wish him to go.  A horse “goes” by seeking the gap or opening which allows him through. So the boundary shows the horse where not to go and reveals the opening(s) of where to go.

Click on the following link to see a short explanatory video from my teacher, Chris Irwin.  Click on the third video in the list.

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